Sota Console Platform

The blockchain framework made for enterprises

We develop applications for our clients using Sota Console platform, a highly customizable permissioned blockchain framework. Sota Console is the backbone of our products and it is designed to suit enterprise applications.

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Highly customizable system

We build Sota Console with traditional businesses in mind. The framework can be customized to fit exactly your requirements from the number of nodes, smart contract structure, node permissions to data type of the network.

Flexible smart contracts

We can develop various programs to serve your business requirement based on the smart contract structure of Sota Console. The smart contracts inherit the power of both Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT) and the flexibility of traditional software.

Optimized performance

Sota Console is programmed to be light, fast and efficient. All the applications developed based on Sota Console will enjoy the high performance of the framework.

Our Experience

Diverse Technical Expertise

We have a team of certified developers who have decades of experience working on the complex enterprise systems, and several experience blockchain engineers. The diverse experience allows our team to analyze and develop complex decentralized network with highest performance.

Enterprise Blockchain Experience

Our team had the experience working in permissioned blockchain framework such as Hyperledger Fabric, Sawtooth, Corda, and we learnt their best to apply to Sota Console.

Sample Projects Available

With our projects in Healthcare, Automobile, and Traceability, we have a robust set of product portfolio to consult and develop your project.

Complex Blockchain System

We work on the hybrid system that combining both public and permissioned chain, forming complete enterprise system with token economics integrated.

Sota Console Development Service

  • Consulting
    Our consultant(s) analyze the use case and validate the feasibility of the project, then provide an in-depth report and a solution design for you.
  • Proof of Concept development
    Once the overall design is agreed, we can build a quick POC with reduced features on Sota Console for you to test on the functions of the end products.
  • User experience and user interface design
    Once we move further into the project, the UX/UI of the program is discussed and developed following the overall design.
  • Enterprise application development and deployment
    The development team dedicated to your project is formed and build up the applications. Weekly report is sent to your project manager and direct communication channel is set up.
  • Smart contract development
    If the project requires heavily customized smart contract being built, the blockchain engineers will build a dedicated set of smart contracts for your project.
  • Maintenance & Support
    All the IT system needs upgrade and maintenance, and our project team will not only work with you during the building time, but also when the system goes into operation.
  • Data migration
    When data from centralized server needs to be migrated into blockchain, we have the tools for that. You get the assistance building the bridge between your existing IT infrastructure and the new blockchain system with zero downtime.