Enterprise Blockchain

Who are serious about their business build their own blockchain system!

Working with multiple SMEs and large corporations, our team understand your demands - and how exactly blockchain network can benefit your business. Building a Private Blockchain or Permissioned Blockchain is not always the cheapest approach, but it is absolutely the safest, most customizable and flexible way to implement blockchain technology to your business. We offer multiple services for you to explore, test and implement your revolutionary ideas and bring it to life.


Hyperledger Fabric Development Service

Hyperledger Fabric is among the strongest blockchain frameworks in the market. It has the required flexibility and it satisfy our quality standard for a decentralized, secured and scalable blockchain solution.

Our Portfolio

Healthcare Records


Health data are extremely sensitive and requires high privacy level. It is also highly fragmented when a patient visits different hospitals during their lifetime. Meanwhile, the need to share the data to doctors, pharmacies and researchers are increasing. Therefore, a method to store and share health data securely is required. We helped our client to build a blockchain network to allow different health data holders (hospitals, clinics, patients) to upload the data securely and only share selected data to recipients authorized by patients themselves.

Automobile Statistics Traceability


The data of car operations are essential for the used car retailing industry. Although the demand for used car is increasing rapidly, the pricing for used vehicles is normally flawed and doubtful. Furthermore, the automobile data are fragmented across different stakeholders in the market, including showrooms, car manufacturers, insurance companies, and car owners. We worked with our client to design a system to track and store safely car data on blockchain and allow the parties in need to access the transparent data for better pricing of the vehicle, resulting in benefits for all the parties involved.

Why work with SotaNext

  • TEAM
    Experienced team with 20+ blockchain engineers and 150+ software engineers
    Experienced team with 20+ blockchain engineers and 150+ software engineers
    Our works are spread across many industries, including: Healthcare, Automobile, Education, Real Estate, Gaming
  • POC
    A set of Proof of Concept is available for your references
    We use professional management system, and our team locates where the cost-effective engineer source is available

Enterprise Blockchain Development Process

    Our blockchain experts work with you through a series of workshops and meetings to explore the ideas and issues you want to address
    Upon collect enough inputs, we will develop a solution to address your concern, and deliver to you in presentations and in formatted documents
  • POC
    If you agree to the approach we proposed and want to have a sample product, we then develop a Proof-of-Concept (POC) for you
    a product technical design and UI, UX design will be developed and put forward for discussion
    Our development team work in collaboration with your team to ensure the products are built and delivered as planned
    The final product is deployed to your server and goes through your user testing process
    We are responsible with our product and service. There is always a team responsible for bug fixing and product maintaining to ensure you enjoy the best products and services when you chose to work with us