About Us

We are new brand name combining VNEXT, SotaTek and TomoChain as a Vietnam Technology company that has been the pioneer of bringing Blockchain to mass adoption. We have technical experts with know how to employ the tools and languages that develop a Decentralized Ecosystem for your business.
Unlocking the value of distributed-ledge

Now is still the early stage of blockchain technology adoption, with a lot of undiscovered potentials. Unlike public blockchains which allow any user to read and write without permission, enterprise blockchains are mainly private and hybrid (consortium) blockchains which only trusted and relevant members can access and write data. We provide development service in both public and private blockchain, and customize systems to match with each industry’s nature and needs, to help transform traditional use cases.


Why Choose Us?

  • With many years of experience in developing business systems using in all kinds of industies, we have earned deep and wide knowledge about what industries’ business. We understand what the industry needs and how it works, that enables us to help industries revolutionize business with blockchain.
  • We are a team of 100+ excellent, well-disciplined engineers, expertized in blockchain, web, mobile, server… that can build big system in a short time.
  • We are formed partially by Tomochain, who are building building a successful blockchain ecosystem, which means we can provide trusted advisors on how to drive true business outcomes and client value.


Our Mission

We know it’s critical to link the actions and efforts of all parties into one cohesive whole in order to bring Blockchain to mass adoption. Our mission is to leverage the strength of our technical experts and business advisors team to support the emerging blockchain technologies.

We are here to spur innovation, to help visualize your idea from the stage of PoC to Production.


Our Vision

A blockchain is an electronically distributed ledger or list of entries that various participants maintain via a network of computers. Blockchains use cryptography to process and verify transactions on the ledger. Encryption and coding improve transparency, efficiency and trust in information-sharing.

Blockchain technology will impact every major area of business from accounting to operations, and there’s evidence the revolution has begun. Now it’s no longer a question of “if” industries will catch on to the blockchain technology—it’s a question of “when”.

We desire to be part of the technology-based transformation that drives a change in our economy and society by using Blockchain.

Our Team

We consist of expert in different field with combined experience of decades in IT field. We constantly look for innovative and reliable solutions for the problems from our clients.


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